Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics For Journal Editors

Editorial Board Members issue only a clear decision about the possibility (or impossibility) of article publication within the framework of ethical and copyright law. Editors should be accountable for the journal policies.

The editorial pays special attention to the plagiarism of the text and to the information it contains. The article will not be published unless the article has been published earlier or its plagiarism has been identified. The editorial assesses the scientific content of the manuscripts, taking into account the political and religious views of the author, regardless of personal data, and the applicable law.

Publication Ethics For Journal Authors

The listing of authors should accurately reflect who carried out the research and wrote the article, and the order of authorship should be jointly determined by all of the co-authors. Authors should ensure that their manuscript as submitted is not under consideration (or accepted for publication) elsewhere. Where sections of the manuscript overlap with published or submitted content, this should be acknowledged and cited. The extracts and judgments therein shall be the author’s mandatory reference and the original source. Excessive textuality is also plagiarism-abusive in any form, such as distorting unpublished sources or acquiring other research results, and is not accepted in the journal. The information provided without a link is treated as a plagiarism by the editorial board. Authors must use only specific data and data in the manuscript; give sufficient information to verify the experiments of other researchers; the use of unauthorized and unreliable information in the form of postcards; should not be misleading. If some parts of the text have already been published, the author should refer to the previously written work and indicate the specific features of the previously written job. At the same time, authors should not submit articles that have already been sent to another publication, nor should they submit the manuscripts they have published in other journals.

Authors must adhere to ethical standards if reviewers declare any potential conflicts of interest relating to a specific article or author during the review process.